Teisan Warehouse 帝蚕倉庫 ~Disappearing Historic Buildings

Teisan Warehouse1
I took some pictures of one of the historic buildings in Yokohama,which is going to be demolished for redevelopment plan.

Teisan Warehouse is a set of buildings in Kitanakadori District,Naka Ward,Yokohama.
The buildings were built in 1926 after the Great Kanto Earthquake, and they were used as the silk warehouse and the office.
They are the historic buildings contributed to the silk trade which became the driving force for Japan's modernization.

However, the Kitanakadori district became a redevelopment area, and it was decided that a skyscraper(about 200meters height) will be built in the location. Offices and housing complex, and commercial facilities are going to be made in the skyscraper.
The Teisan warehouse was going to be preserved in the original plan, but the plan was changed and the buildings are going to be demolished because of a problem of earthquake resistance. The materials of outer walls of the buildings will be restored as the low-level portion of skyscraper.

Teisan Warehouse2
The former office of Teisan Warehouse 旧帝蚕倉庫事務所

Teisan Warehouse3
From the back 後ろから

Although the plan of demolishing of the Teisan warehouse has already been decided, as a Yokohama citizen, if possible, I want the Teisan warehouse to be preserved even by earthquake-resistant reinforcement.
However, there may be unavoidable circumstances such as economic context.

When I went to Paris,France this year, I felt it was very beautiful city where many historic buildings had been well preserved. I think the beautiful landscape probably attracts many tourists from all over the world.

As port of Yokohama was opened to foreign trade earliest in Japan in the late 19th century, Yokohama became a window to accept the foreign culture, therefore various historical heritages have remained in it.
It is not too much to say that the historical heritages are major selling points of Yokohama. Taking account of tourism, I think we had better preserve the historical heritages as possible as we can.
War surviving buildings in Yokohama are very precious and irreplaceable, demolishing them is so regrettable.
I think that Yokohama would become not much different from the other city such as Tokyo and its own charm would be fading away, if it contimued to increase the modern buildings by reducing the historic buildings.
What do you think?

Teisan Warehouse4
Teisan Warehouse Building C  帝蚕倉庫C棟

Teisan Warehouse8
A relief of the pillars 柱のレリーフ

Teisan Warehouse5
Teisan Warehouse Building C  帝蚕倉庫C棟

Teisan Warehouse6

Teisan Warehouse9

There were several other buildings, they were demolished and the spaces became the parking lots.

Teisan Warehouse7
Teisan Warehouse view from from Landmark Tower observatory

Portobello Road Market ポートベロー・マーケット

The first morning in the UK, Portobello Road Market.
It is one of the world’s largest antiques market with many dealers selling every kind of antique and collectible.
I visited early in the morning, many dealers were in preparation.
I enjoyed walking and looking around.

Portobello Market1

Portobello Market2

Portobello Market3

Portobello Market4

Portobello Market5

Portobello Market6

Portobello Market7

Portobello Market8

Portobello Market9

Portobello Market10

Portobello Market11

2013-9-7 visit


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